AB Rocket is an A/B-Testing platform for Javascirpt Engineers.

Create A/B tests with
Vanilla-Javascript easily.

> Improved efficiency: Set up and run A/B tests more quickly
> Enhanced flexibility: implement experiment without affecting your websites codebase
> Better conversion rates: identify and implement design changes By running A/B tests more efficiently
Zero Cost. Fair use.*

*Please note that I reserve the right to shut down the platform at any time. This is simply a hobby project and the tool is intended for educational purposes only. I do not accept any liability for any damages that may occur on your website.
A simplified workflow

Create your first AB Test in minutes. No trainings, no time wasting. Create your experiment, goals for tracking and implement your code. Before pushing the test live you can preview your changes with AB Rocket's preview mode. All set? Launch your experiment and track the stats in real time!

State-of-the-art architecture

In order to keep your website lightweight we engineered AB Rocket to be fast, automated for scale and secure. For super fast operations we are using NodeJS and MongoDB with a modern multicloud infrastructure.

Do more what matters

At AB Rocket we don't want to sell – we want to focus on solving problems. Therefore we've built AB Rocket to be affordable by omitting bloated features. Focus on optimizing your website.
Let's grow together!

Lightweight and Powerful

We have created AB Rocket to be powerful and fast.
Use JavaScript and CSS on all levels.

Real Time Analytics

Get results in real time. AB Rocket keeps you up to date and let you know when your AB Test is successful.

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Simple Targeting

With our segment builder you can show easily experiments only to the audience and sites that are affected. Add conditions and combine them with logical operators.

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Preview Mode

You want to check if your code works properly? With preview mode you can. Simulate right on your production website. After passing the quality assurance you can publish your experiment with just one click.

In preview mode you can check:

  • Targeting
  • Goals
  • Variation Code

How it works

Flexible Tracking

1. Create tracking goals

Create as many goals you want to track users on your website. The best thing about goals is, you don't even need to assign them. AB Rocket does it magically for you. Just use them in your experiment code.

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No code segment builder

2. Setup targeting audience

Setup your targeting audience with our no-code-segment-builder. Drag and drop conditions easily and adjust your targeting precisely.

  • Device Type
  • Cookies
  • URLs
  • Custom JavaScript
use code on all levels

3. Create and setup your experiment

Setting up an experiment with AB Rocket is easy. With our API you get access to helper functions which makes coding AB Tests easier and more reliable.

  • Helper Functions (API)
  • Nice looking Code Editor (Dracula Theme)
  • JavaScirpt and CSS on all levels (Experiment, Reference, Variation)
Preview Mode

4. Test your experiment

Use Preview Mode to simulate the experience right on your website. Share QA link with your team to get feedback.

  • Targeting
  • Goals
  • Shareable QA Link
use code on all levels

5. Launch and get results in real time

After launching your experiment you'll get results in real time. AB Rocket calculates the statistical significance of your KPIs and indicates you when you can trust the numbers.

  • Calculates statistical significance
  • Conversion Rate Trend over time
  • Improvement Rate
  • Filter results by time

Awesome Features

Everything you would expect from a Conversion Platform.
Angular Support
Vue.js Support
React Support
GDPR Compliant
Multiple Users
Change Log
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About & Disclaimer

Zero Cost. Fair use.*

This project is the result of my hard work and dedication, as someone who is passionate about bringing value to people who are looking to improve their website's performance through AB testing.

As a developer, I am constantly seeking new ways to help businesses improve their online presence and drive more conversions. That is why I am so proud to have created AB Rocket, an effective AB testing platform that can help you optimize your website's design and content.

Thank you for your interest in AB Rocket, and I hope you will use it fairly and responsibly. I am always looking for ways to improve and enhance the platform, so please feel free to provide any feedback or suggestions that you may have.

*Please note that I reserve the right to shut down the platform at any time. This is simply a hobby project and the tool is intended for educational purposes only. I do not accept any liability for any damages that may occur on your website.
By using the software you are accepting the terms (read more)

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